Thursday, October 13, 2016

My book review

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The boy on cinnamon street
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Title: The boy on cinnamon street
Author: Phoebe Stone
Storyline: A book about a girl that has a secret admirer and he is a little crazy about the girl but they never never get to meet each other and the girl is really good at gymnastics but suddenly she is failing at everything her family as a secret that has cust hr family forever but over the spring break she meets her secret admirer and the power of love took the crust away and she goes back to being awesome at gymnastics this book is if you like love stories
What I liked best: The story It just made me melt and feel all bubbly i really liked all the described sentences they used.
What i didn't like: them talking too much about her gymnastics and how good she was.
Favorite character and why: louise terance her life was so good apart from the curse and all her boy problems her family and friends wore perfect i really wish i was her.
Would i recommend this book:I would if you are into all the the love and dramatic books if you  didnt want to hear the writer talk on and on about gymnastics skip half of chapter eight.

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