Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympic Artwork

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This term we have been doing an olympic art piece with two similes and two metaphors.  For the people that don’t know what a simile and a metaphor is i will explain

A simile is a comparison using like or as example Hiss Hills was as angry as a dragon.  

A metaphor is a direct comparison not using like or as bout you can us was example Miss Hills is a dragon.

Around the border is olympic vocabulary like the  3 olympic values excellence, friendship and respect.

For the math side of it we tessellated  (for people that don't know what a tessellation is a tessellation is a repeating pattern that has no gaps and is  coloured in a pattern.)

To make this we had to choose an athlete and take a photo of our head cut the athlete heads off. No i did not kill them and stick my head on the athlete's body and then stick it onto the tessellation art then I glued the tessellation onto the A3 bit of paper that a few inches had been cut off and then Miss Hills laminated it and then it was done,  now is hanging in room 10.

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