Monday, June 27, 2016

Matariki Celebration

Manu Tukutuku


Every year the māori people celebrate the māori new year, which is called Matariki.  During Matariki people gather together and do things like kapa haka, feasts, nakule bones and make manu.

For our school Matariki celebration we made manu (kites). To make these we used toetoe and raupō but before we cut the toetoe we said a karakia.  We said a karakia because of the tikanga, tikanga means why we do what we do and to respect the plants.  Then our teacher Miss Hills cuts off toetoe for us because there was some cutty grass  and our teacher on the weekend collected the raupō but I can guarantee she said a karakia  before she cut it.  

To make our kites we needed to work as a team.   My bubby was Philip we had some ups and downs with doing this because sometimes we did not always agree with each other.  The thing I think I did well was the weaving on the kite to hold in the raupō strips The thing I was not so good at was explaining to Philip how to weave the sides because in my head I only knew how to do it myself.  In the end Miss Hills showed him how to do it and our manu turned out really good.Thank you reading my piece of writing I hope you learnt something about Matariki.

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  1. Daisey remember to make thiswriting sence but eccept for that it was really good keep up the good work.