Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moment In time writing

Wagging school!!!!
As Cakey and Kitkat were walking to school they realised that they had a maths test that day and they really did not want to do it, so they decided to waggg and just go to the park and play soccer.

When they were at the park they were happily playing like Cristiano Ronaldo trying to impress the crowd of fans.  Out of nowhere was miss boo the head teacher people described her as the dragon of words  “Oh no,where do we run to” cried Cakey “ Run” said Kitkat so Kitkat ran and Cakey just hide in the slide that was a hot stove.  But what Cakey did not realised was that Miss Boo had the class because they did so well in the test that she took them down to park to have a play all the kids went straight for the slide, his sweaty parms just got worst and the biggest thing going thow this head was to run or do i just own up he decided to just own so he walked guilty he walked up to Miss boo and owed up. Miss Boo was like “ And why did you wagg” yelled Miss Boo “ I had a sore tummy so i thought that i would came down to the park and get some fresh air” “ Ok then” said Miss Boo “would you like to go home” “no I will be ok” said Cakey in realefe that he did not get in trouble.  But he decided that he would not say anything about Kitkat but Kitkat was guilty like a kid that has stolen candy from a candy shop.

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