Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Instructions On How To Weave A Box

You will need:
  • A3 page of paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cellotape

1.First get all the things that are on the listed above then you will be ready to start.  

2.Cut out 10 strips of paper 30cm long and 1cm wide.

3.Start  by putting 5 strips of paper on a flat surface then weave the other 5 strips in.

4.  Push all the weaving in the middle then you can cellotape the  middle of it so it does not move.

5.Then push all the long outside over the middle and where the line is on the squares line cut all the long bits there do that for all four.

6.cut out another four strips that are 24cm long and 1cm wide.  

7. fold then into quarters so they have four corners take the strip and put it though all four sides.  

8. As you go sellotape the corners as you go.

9. With the last three strips do the same as step seven.

10. Now you have a cool weaved box.

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